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Colorado JailBeing charged with a crime is a difficult and frightening experience. Please remember that Kevin Churchill is here to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact our Colorado criminal defense law firm when you have been arrested, or are facing a confrontation with the police. Remember, not talking about the offense is first and foremost. It's also very important to have an attorney present with you in court as soon as possible. Many of your procedural rights may be lost if you don't have a skilled criminal defense attorney that knows the Colorado court system on your side as soon as possible.

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Released From JailKevin Churchill is a respected Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer that accepts only criminal defense cases; including felony defense, DUI offenses, drug crimes, sexual assault charges, murder, burglary, robbery, white-collar, and all felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.

Please contact our office immediately if you have been charged with a crime, or are being confronted by the police. The decisions you make early on, both with the police and in the Colorado courts, can greatly effect the outcome of your criminal defense case. No matter what charge you are facing, you need a criminal defense attorney that can quickly give you accurate information, and begin to develop your defense immediately. You may need advice about how to deal with the police knocking at your door. You may need advice about collecting information that will help to prove your innocence. Some kinds of evidence must be captured before it disappears with time. Your lawyer may have to act quickly to preserve this critical evidence, or speak to a witness before too much time has passed. Experienced representation will help you to avoid making mistakes from the outset. Call us for help with any criminal offense in Colorado.

The Colorado police are very good at collecting information that makes you look guilty, and the District Attorney is very good at prosecuting you in court. You must have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, a professional that is skilled at defending cases like yours. Criminal cases are different than any other type of case. The lawyer who wrote your will, or handled your divorce, likely does not spend each and every day in court defending those who have been charged with crimes in Colorado. After all, the attorney who is prosecuting your case does that every day as well.

Kevin Churchill has defended hundreds of those accused of criminal offenses in Colorado. He accepts cases ranging from misdemeanor offenses up to life sentence felony cases. Mr. Churchill has filed motions that have led to cases being dismissed before trial, and organized investigations that have uncovered evidence that the police left out. Because the accused must sometimes challenge their case fully, Kevin Churchill has won difficult cases at trial. He is a member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, and has appeared on national television as Court TV’s Denver legal analyst covering the Jon Bonnet Ramsey murder case.

Whether you want to settle your case with the best possible plea agreement, or need a strong trial lawyer, the Law Office of Kevin Churchill provides aggressive case management, and courtroom experience that counts when you absolutely need it. Our office works with experienced investigators that are well trained at uncovering information that will help you, and experienced when it comes to making witnesses feel comfortable enough to talk about the facts of your criminal case. We use laboratory facilities that are operated by experienced chemists and toxicologists, should your case involve a blood test, evidence of drugs, DNA evidence or any physical evidence that needs examination.

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